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Building your dream home? Choose Casagrand Perch, a trusted home builder. 

Building a dream home is a massive investment and a lifetime decision which cannot go wrong. While there are a plethora of home builders to help you construct your dream home, picking one can be challenging. The right builder is critical for a smooth construction process and your home built to your expectations. Choosing a trusted home builder in Chennai can also help in maintaining the budget under control while ensuring quality construction. 

Reasons to choose a trusted builder to construct your dream home

Peace of mind

Choosing an experienced and trusted builder will give you peace of mind and assurance that your dream home is being built to the highest standards.  

With Casagrand Perch, you can relax knowing that your dream home is in good hands & a team of experienced professionals are working hard to make sure everything is done right. 

Experience and expertise

A top builder will have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest construction methods, regulations, and materials.  

Casagrand Perch is one of the most trusted building contractors in Chennai Casagrand, one of the largest construction companies in South India. You can rely on our experience as the best luxury home builder in the industry at all times. With years of experience in real estate and construction, Casagrand Perch understands the value of your hard-earned money. Our team comprises experts with experience, knowledge, and efficiency. As experienced builders, we offer valuable advice and guidance throughout the construction process. 

Quality assurance

A trusted builder will be committed to delivering the highest quality workmanship using the best materials.  

Casagrand Perch has earned the reputation of being one of the best construction companies and trust of the people of Chennai for delivering the best construction quality. We follow a stringent quality check with 221 check points. As a top home builder, we always use high-quality building materials and work only with the best experts in the industry to achieve a flawless execution with zero margin of error.  

Our quality goes well beyond construction, we believe in long term relationships. From the time you think of us to the time we deliver, we ensure great customer service  

Attention to detail

A renowned and knowledgeable builder will pay close attention to every detail of your home, from the layout and design to the finishing touches.  

Casagrand Perch has a strong team that ensures that all the architectural and aesthetic nuances are taken care of while building your house. We deliver your dream house, working with you, understanding your vision, i.e. the type, size, structure, and style of home and ensuring that every aspect of your home is to your preference within your budget. We aim to reduce the house construction cost with no compromise on the quality. 

Transparency and communication

Open and transparent communication throughout the construction process is a virtue of an experienced builder. Also, an experienced builder acts as a project manager, being the single point of contact for all your construction needs so that you experience a seamless construction process. 

Right from planning, design, architects, and building material suppliers to labour, Casagrand Perch has a streamlined workflow, communication and relationships in place, ensuring seamless construction and hassle-free communication. For any updates, queries, changes or issues that may arise, all you have to do is contact Casagrand Perch. We will work to resolve any issues effectively. 


Casagrand Perch is your end-to-end comprehensive construction partner, right from the design to build a house to handing over your dream home built for quality and durability. As one of the most trusted builders in Chennai, we guarantee seamless construction with zero hassle. With Casagrand Perch, you can be confident that your home will be everything you’ve always wanted and more. 



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