Explore the ideal planning and design for your dream home with Casagrand Perch. 

A dream home is distinctive and special to each person. For some, it’s a mansion packed with all the luxurious for an extravagant living. For others, it’s a quaint and cosy place that offers everything they want and need in a home. Buying a ready to move house is the most preferred and a very easy option for most of us, especially in major Indian cities with a plethora of options. But, there are many who prefer building their own house on their own land according to their own tastes and preferences. 

Have you always wanted to build your own dream home, but not sure how to get started?   

Well, building your dream home starts way before you even break ground. The process begins with the first and crucial step which is your dream home design and planning. The foundation, the construction of walls, position of windows, and surface finishes come long after extensive design and planning.

Why planning and design

For any task planning and designing helps in better understanding the task of construction, predict and overcome challenges, mitigate risks and most importantly save time and money. Building a perfect home feels exciting but equally daunting. This is because you plan to build a home you desire, that’s the big picture but the devil is in the details like the style of the home, the space and dimension of rooms, construction feasibility, navigation within the house, ventilation etc.  

Once the plan for the new house design has been finalised, it’s time to get the design ready. The architect or the house plan designers helps in designing the floor plans and the elevation. These architectural drawings further help in help in identifying any anomalies or flaws in your plan and rectify them before the construction even begins. Sometimes it might be a simple building code violation or an expensive structural flaw.  

Work with the experts

Dream home design and planning is a fun process but in may soon become an overwhelming task. But this process is so much easier when you talk to the experts. You can choose to work with individual professionals or a construction management companyChoosing a construction management company like Casagrand Perch to plan and design your dream home can have several benefits. 

Here are a few reasons why

Experience and expertise

A construction management company like typically has a team of experienced professionals with expertise in architecture, engineering, and construction. They have a deep understanding of the design to build a house and construction process and can provide valuable insights and recommendations to help you create a well-designed, functional, and cost-effective modern house design. 

Cost savings

A construction company like Casagrand Perch can help you save money by providing cost-effective solutions for your home design and planning and negotiating with suppliers, vendors and contractors on your behalf. They can also help you avoid expensive mistakes and unwanted delays by ensuring that your project is properly planned and managed. 

Time savings

Designing and building a home can be a time-consuming process. Casagrand Perch can help you save time by managing the entire process for you. They can handle all aspects of the project, from planning, finalising the design to build a house, approvals and permits to construction and final inspection. 

Quality control

Casagrand Perch can ensure that your project meets the highest standards of quality. We oversee the work of contractors and suppliers, and ensure that everything is done according to your specifications. With a robust quality control system with 221 check points, Casagrand Perch offers the best quality in the industry 

One point of contact

When you work with Casagrand Perch, you have one point of contact for all aspects of your project. This can simplify communication and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Casagrand Perch, a trusted choice

Casagrand Perch is a reputed and trusted construction company from the house of Casagrand, one of the largest construction companies in South India. With extensive experience in construction of residential infrastructure and the best experts in the construction industry associated with the organization, Casagrand perch successfully provides end to end construction management solution for home building. 

Overall, choosing Casagrand Perch a construction management company to plan and design your dream home can provide you with peace of mind, cost and time savings, and a high-quality end result. 

So here’s what you have to do, draw inspiration for your dream home and contact Casagrand Perch, finalise the design of your home based on the plan and get building! 

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