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Which TMT Bar is Best for House Construction 

TMT bars – The inner strength of your home.

Houses are built with various materials such as cement, gravel, concrete, rocks and boulders, etc. and various techniques such as masonry, carpentry, modular construction, prefabrication, etc. However, the core strength of the house is in the TMT bars. 

Home construction in India heavily depends on the use of TMT steel bars to secure the fortitude of the structure, unlike in Western countries, where wood beams are used. The best construction companies in Chennai rely on TMT brands such as Radha TMT, JSW Neosteel, and Tata Tiscon, as well as regional players like Suryadev, Amman TRY, ARS, Shakti, Kaamatchi Steel & PFC Tirumala, etc. 

TMT steel bars are used in multiple types of residential constructions like single or multi-storey individual houses, villas, bungalows, farmhouses and apartment buildings. TMT is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the building for years for proper and durable infrastructure. 

Thermo-Mechanically Tested or TMT bars are used in all types of construction, including critical infrastructure like bridges and long flyovers. The strength of the build relies on the basic building materials that are used, which are TMT and concrete thus, the materials need to be of the best quality. 

What are TMT bars and why are they important for home construction in India?

Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are steel bars that provide high-strength reinforcement with a tough outer core and a soft inner core. The TMT bars are resistant to fire because of their thermal stability at temperatures as high as up to 600 °C. TMT bars are designed with ridges of distinct patterns along the entire length of the bar to allow for a stronger bond between the TMT bars and concrete, thus increasing the longevity and durability of the structure. Hence, it is essential to use the best TMT bars for home construction in India. 


Adding to this, TMT steel bars are durable and resistant to corrosion, crafted using corrosion-resistant ferroalloys and, sometimes, corrosion-resistant coatings like zinc or epoxy. They are reliable for structural integrity in earthquake-prone zones due to the tensile strength and flexibility preventing the buildings from collapsing, and therefore, essential for the endurance and longevity of the structure. It is also good to know that the best TMT bars, when compared to ordinary steel bars, provide a 20% increase in the overall strength of the construction. This is the reason, the best builders in Chennai always choose the best TMT steel bars in Chennai. 

Many grades and variants of TMT steel bars are available in the market. However, for home constructions, the most commonly used are TMT grades Fe-415, Fe-500, and Fe-550. However, in recent years, Fe 550D and Fe 600 are gaining popularity among experts and consumers.

In conclusion

TMT steel bars are the most important building materials providing strength, integrity, resistance and durability to the buildings. As one of the most trusted construction companies in Chennai, Casagrand Perch uses only the best TMT bars, best suited for the type of your dream home construction. Our experts suggest the grade of TMT bars from some of the top brands available in Chennai for proper and durable home construction. 

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